The Goodness Of Dendairy

fruit juices

Ever wondered about the real benefit of 100% fruit juices?

Well, here it is. Contrary to popular belief wherein 100% fruit juices aren’t exactly 100% healthy, it’s still healthier than other cardboard box-packed juice drinks. One benefit includes value-added nutrient consumption, which is about 35% of fruit juice intake. But while it’s lower than a person’s recommended 65% whole fruit juice intake each day, it’s also one that can make kids drink fruit juice without going overboard. Simply put, this kind of fruit juice is pretty much safe for those kids who get jittery and hyper than usual when eating or drinking food and drinks with high sugar content.

And luckily for you, there’s a certain brand of 100% fruit juice which promise nothing but goodness – just like when you’re drinking whole fruit juices, which you can even make at home and mix with other healthy ingredients using juicers or blenders seen in

Now, let’s take a closer look on Dendairy – or more specifically, the goodness of Dendairy:

Located in Kwe Kwe, Zimbabwe, Dendairy is best known for its dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter, and ice cream – and being the only dairy company in Zimbabwe, even. Even more so, they offer 100% fruit juices that come in mango and orange, red grape, orange, and apple flavors. These juices are made from the best seasonal fruits, freshly picked around the world. These juices are made without preservatives, too – further ensuring quality, as well as being healthy even for kids.

The goodness of Dendairy doesn’t end with their 100% fruit juices. Their milk products – which come in various forms such as fresh, flavored, and powdered – are made from natural cow’s milk, as well as go through intense processes to ensure quality. Their yogurt – which comes in two variants: traditional and liquid – are made from cultured milk, as well as less than 2% fat.

Their butter – which comes in two sizes: 250 grams and 500 grams – is made with fresh cream and with only a dash of salt, as well as encouraged to be used for various Zimbabwean dishes. Their ice cream – which comes in three flavors: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla – is “made with pride,” further credited on recipes sourced by a United States ice cream maker.

Clearly, Dendairy and its goodness have surpassed expectations. Aside from that, their natural ingredients and intense processes are factors people should not take for granted – but instead, start using as inspirations when it comes to living healthily.