Fun Travel with Shadow Fight 3

Traveling from one place to another can be exhausting and dull, especially if you’re not sightseeing while traveling.

With a Shadow Fight 3 installed on your phone or tablet, however, the case will be different. Your voyage will be a lot more entertaining, and you won’t feel the time passing by at all!

Whether you’re going to or from Paraguay, you’ll enjoy Nekki’s third version of Shadow Fight.


The Third is the Best

In this edition of the free game, you’ll still be dealing with a lot of tension and battles just like in the old versions. Fortunately, there are differences just like better graphics and effects. Shadow Fight 3 still uses the same currencies—gold coins and gems. But in this version, booster packs were introduced. These packs include various upgrades for your gears, making you the best player that you can be.

In Shadow Fight 3, you can choose the face type, hairstyle, and hair color of your avatar. This is something you couldn’t do with the previous version, which is obvious because you’re just a shadow there. In Shadow Fight 3, the “shadow” part of the game is incorporated in the ability of the player rather than its appearance. That means your avatar would turn into a shadow once you can make use of your shadow powers during a battle.


Even though the choices are limited when it comes to customizing your avatar, it doesn’t really matter since you’ll be wearing a helmet and armor for the fights anyway.

One of the best upgrades is that you can train with someone now, unlike in the previous version where you train with nothing but a punching bag. This makes training a lot more challenging and genuine.

However, because of the improvements of the visuals, the game now requires more phone memory and higher configuration.


The game uses the same currencies as mentioned earlier. Gold coins and gems are used to upgrade your equipment for you to effortlessly beat the bosses. If you’re not patient enough to collect, you can always use real money to purchase gold coins and gems. But remember that you can’t do that if you can’t pay online since all payments should be made online. If you don’t have enough cash just like most of us, don’t worry; you can always get free gems using a hack.

Hack Advantages

shadow-fight-3-hackA lot of you might be skeptical about using a hack. That’s normal. I’m sure you’re concerned about the safety of your account, just as you are worried about your safety when you travel. But here are six acceptable reasons why you can trust some of the Shadow Fight 3 hacks:

  • It’s free
  • It’s online, so you don’t have to download anything
  • You can get loads of gold coins and gems in minutes
  • You don’t have to spend real money on anything
  • Your account remains safe and secure
  • You can fight difficult enemies with ease

What are you waiting for? Install the game now and participate in exciting 3D fights!

Remember This When Visiting Paraguay


If there’s one place you must consider number one in your South American bucket list, it would be Paraguay.

You see, Paraguay is the exact representation of Mother Nature. It’s filled with tropical rainforests that stretch miles away from its original point and marshy plains that range towns away from its starting point, as well as unusual flora that only few have ever seen up close and unique fauna that only few have ever witnessed in person. And while best known for its climate that only goes from humid to dry, Paraguay is also known for its rich history in the form of hoary buildings and vibrant culture in the form of homogenous population – both of which goes way back into the Spanish era.

Now, you might think: What is a city girl got to do in Paraguay? Or better yet, what do you think a city girl must do when visiting Paraguay?

Well, let me tell you just one secret…

There’s no shortage.

Yes, that’s right!

There’s no shortage of places to go in Paraguay – including the Cerro Cora National Park, the Itaipu Dam, and the Ruins of Jesús de Tavarangue. There’s also no shortage of things to do in Paraguay – including camping and hiking in Saltos del Monday, sightseeing and picture-taking in Icono Tower, and learning and strolling in the Palacio de los López.

And for what it’s worth, you can pretty much do anything your heart desires in this country – from adventure travels to leisure travels, from business trips to vacation trips, and more. All you really need to do is abide by the laws the Republic of Paraguay has for everyone – both locals and tourists alike – and voila – you can make your trip here remarkable like no other.

Any reminder we might have missed? Let us know in the comments section below!