Traveling and Being a Handyman

Did you know that working as a handyman is as beneficial as traveling? Check out the two factors that link them!


Sure, a handyman won’t clean someone else’s bathroom or kitchen, but he can surely clean the exterior part of a house. If you’re a handyman, then you can easily clean patios, pathways, and driveways with your pressure cleaner. This isn’t a task that will make you comment, “Piece of cake!” In fact, not everyone is skilled enough to handle a pressure cleaner. After all, cleaning with this tool requires the user to be aware of the safety features.


Now, how is cleaning with a pressure cleaner related to travel? Well, traveling is also considered as a cleansing activity. It aims to remove the “dirt” which are the negative thoughts and experiences so that they can be replaced with fresh, positive ones. Traveling renews the mind, refreshes the soul, and rejuvenates the physical body. It’s sort of like a cleaning process for your mental and physical health.

Fixing and Building

Handymen also have to deal with small carpentry tasks now and then. After reading tool reviews and purchasing the right equipment, they perform jobs that make them similar to carpenters too. These talented people can hang shelves, repair and install new floorings, fit doors, and a lot more! Being a handyman also means being versatile. They are even ready to build a few things which would make them similar to a woodworker. Seriously, handymen are skilled people that shouldn’t be underestimated.

travel-luggage-vectorBut how is this related to travel again? The connection is actually a bit obvious that I don’t think I should even explain it at all. Nonetheless, I’ll still state the similarity. When you travel, you also act like a handyman—fixing yourself and building relationships. To “repair” yourself, you do new activities and visit places that calm you down and help you meditate. To build new relationships, you talk to new people and befriend someone from a different town or country. Traveling enables you to fix yourself and build a new you. And that is like being a handyman for yourself.


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Two Reasons Why Traveling Is Like a Suction Pool Cleaner

Okay. The title may sound a bit eerie for you, but let me explain why traveling is just like having a suction pool cleaner for your pool.

They suck the worries out of you

Just like the top 5 suction pool vacuums in 2018 that effectively eliminates the contaminants in your pool water, traveling can also get rid of the worries and troubles you have in your mind. Traveling and cleaning your pool with a suction cleaner work like magic—they get the negative out of the supposedly happy and smooth life.


A clean pool relaxes your eyes and your mind, right? Just by looking at a crystal clear swimming pool without dirt and debris make the water look so calming and refreshing. Traveling works the same way. Seeing beautiful sights you’ve never encountered before and reaching places you’ve never been before is an excellent way to energize. Using a suction pool cleaner and visiting other towns or spots is like pressing F5 in your computer.

Imagine the contentment it’d bring if you have no other thing to worry about except the itinerary to follow and the swimming pool activities you have to do! Those things may not even cause worries, rather, excitement and bliss. And that’s all thanks to a suction pool cleaner that can keep the pool spotless clean and extremely safe and sanitary; and the act of traveling which eliminates the stress from your body.

They keep you healthy



A suction pool cleaner needs to be handled and transported in the pool now and then. This can strengthen your muscles and bones, especially if you’re dealing with a pool that’s long and needs frequent cleaning. Likewise, traveling can keep your mental health and physical health in good shape as you switch from one unknown place to another. You’ll have to think of ways on how you can spend your budget wisely while thinking about your safety too. At the same time, walking around a new town or a tourist spot is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that can strengthen your lower body muscles.

Don’t you see? These two may seem so opposite, but they go after the same thing: a happier you.