The Wattle Company: Sustainability At Its Best


The wood industry of Zimbabwe is an epitome of both nature and man-made sustainability at its best, and it’s all thanks to The Wattle Company.

Located within the country’s eastern districts, The Wattle Company is a forestry company best known for producing the biggest lumber stocks in Zimbabwe. They are also known to produce treated poles for fencing, telephone, and transmission purposes – all of which are made of creosote, used to preserve wood for stability and durability; and chromated copper arsenate, used to protect wood from other elements such as decay and termites.

They also offer the following products:

  • Pine Sawn Timber – Highly sought-after both locally and internationally, The Wattle Company yields pine sawn timber that is kiln-dried with a standard moisture rate of 12 to 15%. It is classified in two categories: structural timber, which is mainly used for construction purposes; and industrial timber, which is mainly used for furniture and other design-centric purposes. Other pine sawn timber products include pine bark, peeler logs, pulpwood, wood shavings, crating, and sawdust.
  • Wattle Extract – As the company’s name suggests, they are best known for manufacturing various products taken from wattle a.k.a. acacia trees. This includes solid mimosa extract, which is used for soles, straps, harness, and upholstery; light-colored and spray-dried mimosa extract powder, which is used for retanning chrome leathers into lighter shades; naturally soluble and spray-dried extract powder, which is used for soles, straps, harness, upholstery, and retanning chrome leathers – all of which are biodegradable and safe from hazardous chemicals.
  • Charcoal – Gone are those days when people use charcoal that does more harm than good. The Wattle Company’s bulk charcoal (30 kg bags) are well-known for its long-burning, more heating, and less smoking properties – perfect if you and your family are into grill parties. In addition, its carbon content is pretty much no less than 96% from a high calorific value, which is contributed to the fact that the timber used for making the charcoal comes from well-managed plantations and undergoes a strict manufacturing process.

The Wattle Company is also best known for its sawmill, the biggest one in the whole country of Zimbabwe. Located within the company’s plantation area, the sawmill has the ability to produce 74,000 m3 of kiln-dried timber each year.  The logs usually takes about 2 weeks in production stage, as well as sorted through chain hauls and mobile loaders into two kinds of log lines: small and big. Small logs are processed via a modernized band saw. Big logs, on the other hand, are processed via a robust frame-saw.

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It’s worth noting that The Wattle Company also participates in the Timber Producers Federation of Zimbabwe, which aims to practice good forestry methods, and takes part in annual competitions for the said federation’s environmental advocacies.

The Goodness Of Dendairy

fruit juices

Ever wondered about the real benefit of 100% fruit juices?

Well, here it is. Contrary to popular belief wherein 100% fruit juices aren’t exactly 100% healthy, it’s still healthier than other cardboard box-packed juice drinks. One benefit includes value-added nutrient consumption, which is about 35% of fruit juice intake. But while it’s lower than a person’s recommended 65% whole fruit juice intake each day, it’s also one that can make kids drink fruit juice without going overboard. Simply put, this kind of fruit juice is pretty much safe for those kids who get jittery and hyper than usual when eating or drinking food and drinks with high sugar content.

And luckily for you, there’s a certain brand of 100% fruit juice which promise nothing but goodness – just like when you’re drinking whole fruit juices, which you can even make at home and mix with other healthy ingredients using juicers or blenders seen in

Now, let’s take a closer look on Dendairy – or more specifically, the goodness of Dendairy:

Located in Kwe Kwe, Zimbabwe, Dendairy is best known for its dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter, and ice cream – and being the only dairy company in Zimbabwe, even. Even more so, they offer 100% fruit juices that come in mango and orange, red grape, orange, and apple flavors. These juices are made from the best seasonal fruits, freshly picked around the world. These juices are made without preservatives, too – further ensuring quality, as well as being healthy even for kids.

The goodness of Dendairy doesn’t end with their 100% fruit juices. Their milk products – which come in various forms such as fresh, flavored, and powdered – are made from natural cow’s milk, as well as go through intense processes to ensure quality. Their yogurt – which comes in two variants: traditional and liquid – are made from cultured milk, as well as less than 2% fat.

Their butter – which comes in two sizes: 250 grams and 500 grams – is made with fresh cream and with only a dash of salt, as well as encouraged to be used for various Zimbabwean dishes. Their ice cream – which comes in three flavors: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla – is “made with pride,” further credited on recipes sourced by a United States ice cream maker.

Clearly, Dendairy and its goodness have surpassed expectations. Aside from that, their natural ingredients and intense processes are factors people should not take for granted – but instead, start using as inspirations when it comes to living healthily.

Top Reasons to Visit Paraguay

Asuncion Paraguay

Paraguay is one of those underrated travel destinations that not many people get the chance to explore. And yet it has plenty of things to offer to travelers not to mention the affordability of exploring the many attractions of the country. If you are thinking of going off the beaten track, here are some of the top reasons why you should book a flight to Paraguay.


Paraguay is one of those places that will give you more than your money’s worth – and then some. You can find good accommodations for cheap. Getting around does not cost much than you would usually spend in some of the world’s top tourist destinations.

Natural attractions

Paraguay is teeming with natural attractions, many of which remain unspoiled. It is a great destination, especially for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who will find a lot of scenic landscapes and natural scenery to admire and explore. A visit to Paraguay’s side of the Pantanal gives travelers a chance to catch a glimpse of the amazing wildlife to be found in the area.

Art and culture

The city of Asuncion boasts an interesting array of murals. It has hosted events like the encuentros internacionales de muralismo or international competitions for mural art that produced some of the best outdoor works of art at the heart of the city. Some of the best places to find them include the park near the Plaza de Derecho Humanos. Asuncion is also home to festivals like the Urkupina Festival.

Jesuit reductions

Paraguay is home to Jesuit reductions or communities dating back to the 17th century. You can still see the ruins and remnants of these old settlements in the country. Some of the Jesuit reductions you can add to your list include Jesus de Tavarangue and Trinidad de Parana.

Itaipu Dam

It is not every day that you can take a tour of a hydroelectric power plant much and even more so when it is the world’s largest. Itaipu Dam is one of the country’s most visited attractions as a side trip when visiting Ciudad del Este. The dam is an impressive sight with its massive size and scale of the project.


The downtown area of Asuncion has a number of venders selling terere which is a type of drink made with fresh herbs like mint and infused with yerba mate. You can enjoy the refreshing drink while taking a break from exploring the city’s many attractions.

Keeping Holiday Trips Less Stressful

baggage claim

Holiday travel is a great time to have fun, get away from the usual routines, and be in the company of people you care about. But traveling during the holiday season has its share stress triggers. Overcrowded airports or highways, flight delays, and other unpleasant situations can sap the holiday spirit out of you. Here are a few tips on avoiding travel stress and make your trip more pleasant.

1. Get ready for unexpected delays. Arriving earlier than usual at the airport, train, or bus station reduces the amount of stress you get to experience while traveling during the holidays. Anticipate traffic, passenger security screening measures, and other travel-related procedures that may be slower than normal due to the significant increase in number of people traveling for the holidays.

2. Check flight details multiple times. Flight delays and cancellations are common, especially during the holidays, for various reasons. Check flight information or details at least one day before your scheduled departure to know if there has been any change in your itinerary. A good way to reduce stress of holiday travel is to anticipate any travel-related snag and be ready to deal with it should it arise.

3. Know what to expect. If you are heading out to an unfamiliar place, it would greatly help if you get to know more of your destination. There is no shortage of resources you can find both online and offline. Read various reviews as well as travel books about the place you wish to explore.

4. Keep your cool. Try to always look at the bright side. But be prepared for whatever unpleasant situations may occur. Expect that things will not always turn out as planned or as how you wanted it to be. Go with the unique flow that holiday travel has. Keep your cool when your plans hit a snag such as overbooking, flight delay or cancellation, and whatever it is that would affect your itinerary.

5. Eat and hydrate. Drink plenty of water, stretch, and keep moving while traveling to refresh your mind and body. Eat healthy to maintain your energy levels as well as to avoid irregular bowel syndrome which can be common among travelers.

6. Leave needless baggage behind. One of the best ways to take the stress out of holiday travel is to pack and travel light. Lugging a lot of bulky baggage around congested airports or train stations can be exhausting and stressful. You also have to consider the long queues in check-in counters due to the more number of bags that have to be processed during the holidays. Packing light allows you to move around more easily and with less worry about losing your bags for whatever reason.