Top Things to Do in Zimbabwe

Marvel at the beauty of Victoria Falls up close
Victoria Falls
Things to do: Observe the majestic falls up close, bungee jump from a 365-foot bridge nearby, see the Great Dyke

Explore Harare
Things to do: Do a walking tour of some of the areas in the capital of Zimbabwe, visit parks like the Harare Gardens, savor the local cuisines, shop for souvenirs

Go on an outdoor adventure
Hwange National Park
Things to do: Experience outdoor adventure or go on a Safari, visit the national parks to see the wildlife, dive at the Mutorashanga Quarry, go fishing or kayaking at Lake Kariba

Visit the Great Zimbabwe National Monument
Great Zimbabwe
Things to do: See the ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe

See the stunning sights at Matobo National Park
Matobo National Park
Things to do: Admire the unique and stunning rock formations, cave paintings, and other breathtaking natural attractions including that of the Matobo Hills