The Wattle Company: Sustainability At Its Best


The wood industry of Zimbabwe is an epitome of both nature and man-made sustainability at its best, and it’s all thanks to The Wattle Company.

Located within the country’s eastern districts, The Wattle Company is a forestry company best known for producing the biggest lumber stocks in Zimbabwe. They are also known to produce treated poles for fencing, telephone, and transmission purposes – all of which are made of creosote, used to preserve wood for stability and durability; and chromated copper arsenate, used to protect wood from other elements such as decay and termites.

They also offer the following products:

  • Pine Sawn Timber – Highly sought-after both locally and internationally, The Wattle Company yields pine sawn timber that is kiln-dried with a standard moisture rate of 12 to 15%. It is classified in two categories: structural timber, which is mainly used for construction purposes; and industrial timber, which is mainly used for furniture and other design-centric purposes. Other pine sawn timber products include pine bark, peeler logs, pulpwood, wood shavings, crating, and sawdust.
  • Wattle Extract – As the company’s name suggests, they are best known for manufacturing various products taken from wattle a.k.a. acacia trees. This includes solid mimosa extract, which is used for soles, straps, harness, and upholstery; light-colored and spray-dried mimosa extract powder, which is used for retanning chrome leathers into lighter shades; naturally soluble and spray-dried extract powder, which is used for soles, straps, harness, upholstery, and retanning chrome leathers – all of which are biodegradable and safe from hazardous chemicals.
  • Charcoal – Gone are those days when people use charcoal that does more harm than good. The Wattle Company’s bulk charcoal (30 kg bags) are well-known for its long-burning, more heating, and less smoking properties – perfect if you and your family are into grill parties. In addition, its carbon content is pretty much no less than 96% from a high calorific value, which is contributed to the fact that the timber used for making the charcoal comes from well-managed plantations and undergoes a strict manufacturing process.

The Wattle Company is also best known for its sawmill, the biggest one in the whole country of Zimbabwe. Located within the company’s plantation area, the sawmill has the ability to produce 74,000 m3 of kiln-dried timber each year.  The logs usually takes about 2 weeks in production stage, as well as sorted through chain hauls and mobile loaders into two kinds of log lines: small and big. Small logs are processed via a modernized band saw. Big logs, on the other hand, are processed via a robust frame-saw.

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It’s worth noting that The Wattle Company also participates in the Timber Producers Federation of Zimbabwe, which aims to practice good forestry methods, and takes part in annual competitions for the said federation’s environmental advocacies.

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